Got OSCE allocations!


They’ve done this stupid thing this year where they’ve put our OSCE’s (our practical exam) before our written paper. The poor sods at the end of the alphabet have their OSCE the day before their written paper. Being one of those at the start of the alphabet I’m on the second day of exams (they put all the Grads first). I literally only just make it onto the second day though, numbers 1-14 are on the Thursday and I’m number 15 who gets to be on Friday.

The down side is that it’s at 8.45am. Gah! I’m going to set like a hundred alarms that morning to wake up at like, half 7. I haven’t needed to get up that early in months! It’s gonna be a bit of a shock to the system…

My OSCE is just under a month away. Which means that my written paper is a month and a week away. My written paper which is about everything we’ve done so far. They can ask us anything.

Please let me pass.

Five weeks of nothing to do all day but revise. I did everything in 4 weeks last summer, so 5 weeks is a luxury by comparison. But I didn’t have to learn anything new then, whereas now I still haven’t really learnt neuro or pharmacology, so that’s gonna take a while.

But then, there are modules that I’ve revised 5 times now, surely they can’t take too long?

Agh. I just want it to all be over, and it’d be quite nice if me and all my friends could pass. That’s all I want for Christmas!

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this is the first day
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feels like i was born
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