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Tomorrow is our six-monthiversary.

It’s also my parents 24th wedding anniversary which is a bit weird that they’re on the same day but celebrations all around. Woooo.

God I’m tired

Like really tired. I also feel quite flat and depressiony, but I don’t know if that’s because I’m tired or which one is causing the other.

Want to go home and sleep, but we haven’t even started seeing my patients on the ward round yet.

I did accidentally miss my sertraline dose on Tuesday so I might just be paying the price for that. Wouldn’t have thought it would cause this many problems.

wutzittooya said: hi, im really worried i might have taken too much meds, i dont remember if i took them last night or this morning, its 11:45 pm and i just took a singulair (10mg) and a zyrtek and im only supposed to have one of each every 24 hrs. pls help

I don’t think either would do any lasting damage, you might feel a bit sleepy or something. I’m not a pharmacist though. Just take them in the evening from now on?









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Death and Deciles

Started a three week placement at a local hospice today. It’s all very nice and very calm. One patient died and I went with the doctor to see him certify the death which was interesting. There were a lot of issues with communication as the family spoke very poor English.

It was a sad day. There was the lovely man who will probably die in the next couple of days, and his lovely wife and lovely sons. There was the wife of the man that died who didn’t know he had died and walked into his room and was desperately inconsolable. There was the man with advanced COPD coming in for respite care who is fed up of waiting to die. It wasn’t cheerful. I need to numb myself a bit.

Also today we got our deciles for where we are ranked in the year. I’m in the 6th decile which is ok I suppose, but I’d have liked to be in the upper half of then year. It bugs me that failing two exams in second year is still screwing me over. But then I know why it happened, I know there are reasons.

Meeting with some friends I haven’t seen for aaaages later this evening so that will be nice. Going round to significant other’s house (4th decile) so he can cook me food and load me up with ice cream.

It’s hot here

I’m in Spain. Today it was 41 Celsius, which is 105.8 Fahrenheit according to google. Hot.

Been ok. On the second full day I caught some brief bug or swallowed some dodgy water and threw up twice. It was unpleasant.

Don’t have much to report. Mostly sitting on the beach. Went in the sea today and it was warm and choppy. Have drunk my weight in fanta orange and fruit cider. Mosquitos bit me on the soles of my feet. The sea mist has cleared and the skies are clear and my sister just saw a shooting star.

This time in two days I’ll be home. Significant other is coming back from his holiday a day later to the nearest airport so I’ll pick him up and he’ll stay with me for the night and go home in the morning. We start back uni on Monday so I’ll see him soon.

Everything is going as planned.

We’re all going on our summer holidays

Well I am anyway.

Later bitchez.

Made a giraffe from loom bands. Followed a YouTube tutorial (the DIYmommy one). He’s a bit wonky as I messed up the body, and a course a couple of my bands broke, but look at that little face!

I have also made tortoises and a penguin. Sister is demanding a penguin so I might have another go at that tomorrow.

Yeah, I’m on holiday. This is the first actual guilt free holiday I’ve had in forever so I’m learning a new skill (looooooom) and chilling and it’s wonderful. If I could summon M from the rainy Lake District to here my life would be basically perfect.

this is the first day
of my life
feels like i was born
right in the doorway

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